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Founded in 1998, Cape Cod Rowing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, volunteer-run organization that promotes the sport of rowing for health, camaraderie, skill development, and recreation. We are a dedicated group of about 40 rowers and coaches working together to teach and train together to improve our skills and fitness. There is also the opportunity to compete in races, both locally in New England and nationally. Our fleet includes fours and eights for sweep rowing, plus singles, doubles, and quads for sculling located at the Town Beach on Wequaquet Lake.


Cape Cod Rowing is governed by a board of directors, who serve a two-year term. The Club’s active membership votes for officers in a biennial general meeting.

President: Mary Ball

Vice-President: MT Czupryna

Treasurer: Karen Whitbeck

Secretary: Mary Ryan

Program Coordinator: Laura Larson

Members-At-Large: Janet Wright, Al Belanger, Nancy Shannon

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