Many of you know that our competitors are already well into their winter training. Athletes do not just come out after winter without doing anything for five months and win races & championships. They work hard for their achievements, just like how you do your homework and study for exams to be prepared.
We have rowers train throughout the winter by training at the YMCA or doing other winter sports.  Much of our success in the Spring Season is due to the dedication of team member's training well before race day.  Now it is time for everyone to step up to the plate. 
For the rowers that are seniors, this is your last season for rowing with CCR.  When you cross the finish line at your very last race with CCR, you need to know that you trained as hard as you could.  For the non-seniors, hopefully you have many more seasons left with CCR. 
CCR is much more than a team, we are a family…every person in our family matters. We cannot just rely on one or two people to get us to the finish line; the strongest family is one where everyone pulls together, pulls their own weight and NEVER gives up. You have a choice; to be a group of leaders and train as if every stroke matters or to be a group of followers and train just enough to get by. What is your choice? 

This year’s winter training is mandatory. You have three choices: 1.) Participate in a winter sport or; 2.) Rent an Erg for the winter or; 3.) Train at the YMCA.  
Let's make Spring 2014 one of our best seasons!