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Breast Cancer Seminar: An Enlightening Experience

posted Jun 7, 2009, 12:08 PM by

On Wednesday, June 3, the girls at Cape Cod Rowing had a wonderful opportunity to gain a wide variety of knowledge on a topic around which our program is very much based: breast cancer. Dr. Jill S. Oxley, who specializes in Breast Cancer surgery, spoke to a group of about fifteen girls and their moms in the Lorusso Education Center at Cape Cod Hospital, educating us about breast cancer. She gave a spectacular presentation on breast cancer statistics, diagnoses, surgery, reconstruction, therapy, risk factors and screenings. We were all very grateful that she took the time to present this to us. This cancer, especially, has begun to hit very close to home for all of us, making us all very eager to learn as much as we can about it. The wealth of knowledge we gained will surely be passed on to the many others who ask, “What’s that boat all about?” as we walk past them at regattas.

Dr. Oxley even mentioned to us that she believes what we’re doing with our Pink Boat Charity is a great thing. Linda Auerbach, a breast cancer survivor who spoke about her battle at the seminar added, “What you girls are doing is great. This boat will not only raise funds, but raise awareness of breast cancer, and awareness is the best prevention out there.”

On behalf of all the girls who attended the seminar, thank you very much to Dr. Oxley and Mrs. Auerbach, whose knowledge and experience with breast cancer has helped us to learn much more about the cause we are all supporting.