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Beach Clean up was oarsome!

posted Mar 28, 2009, 3:57 PM by Guy Monseair   [ updated Mar 28, 2009, 9:02 PM ]

Thank you to so many people who showed up with rakes, bags, gloves, rolled up sleeves and an attitude to work! Our best attended beach set up in a long time made for a fun couple of hours and really whet the rowers appetite to get out on the water. We must have filled nearly 100 bags of leaves and pine needles, cleared the beach of any trash and fallen limbs, Mrs. Cavanaugh even planted some flowers! The boys got to rig their new 4 and everyone helped rig several other boats too! Special thanks go to the parents who worked so hard; Mr. and Mrs. Cavanaugh, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Reney, Mr. Young, Mr. Walters, Mrs. Hayward and Mr. Zeimann. Also thanks to the girls who aren't even a part of CCR but came to help out. 

The rugby game afterward was a great deal of fun.... when people started to truly get the hang of it, but Eliza's dash through the water and Caitlin's subsequent flying / swimming tackle was the highlight of the day.

Well done CCR!